A fortuitous opportunity was presented to me prior to tonight’s Tuesday Ten Show.

My guest on this night was Ken Fang. Ken covers all things sports media for While my intention was to discussall things sports media with Ken, the NBA provided a fortuitous opportunity to discuss something more specific: Donald Sterling.

1:23 – Introduction to Ken Fang
2:55 – The role social media plays in covering sports media
6:43 – Sports media reporting of today’s Donald Sterling punishment handed down by NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver
9:29 – TMZ, Deadspin and their place in the sports media table
11:55 – How much pressure have the TMZ’s and Deadspins put on the traditional sports outlets?
13:55 – (Audience question) When will we hear from Sterling? Who will break that news?
15:15 – When will we hear from David Stern?
16:26 – The future of sports media
18:26 – Do the major sports outlets need to take more risks?